Curriculum Vitae

First Name:       Azadeh
Last Name:        Mobasher
Nationality:        Iranian
Date of birth:     18 January 1984

Tehran University graduate majoring in English Language & Literature. IELTS 8 (Academic), Teacher of English, Translator, Interpreter & Tour Guide.

Translator of 13 books and editor of 14  in the field of sales, management, and psychology. Interpreter in several commercial and non commercial events, Teacher of Englsih for over a decade


Tarbiat Modarres University, Senior degree in editing Persian texts

Educated as a Tour Guide in Avaye Jalbe Sayahan Institute in Tehran and Received Tour Guiding Permit and Card

BA of English Language and Literature from Tehran University.

DELF/A2 degree in French language
Change of Major and admittance to Tehran University for an M.A programme in British Studies and quitting afterwards

Getting band score 8 in IELTS Academic Test.


English teacher at Afrooz Language Institute Translator in Partow e Danesh unofficial Translation office
English teacher at Pars Language institute Translator in Azarghand Company
Interpreter at Art and Worship World Prize

Began my job as a translator (from English to Farsi) at Rashinpress in Tehran.

Co translator of the book VICTORY by Brian Tracy.
ISBN of the book in Farsi: 9647851545

Co translator of the book RULES OF WORK by Richard Templar. ISBN: 9789647851763

Co translator of the book 501 TIPS FOR TEACHERS by Robert D. Ramsey. ISBN: 9789647851749

Co translator of the book THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne. ISBN: 9789647851732

Editor of the book THE WAY TO WEALTH by Brian Tracy.
ISBN of the translated book: 978-964-7851-81-7

Editor of the book 101 GREAT WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE
(vol-1) by David Riklan. This book is divided into 3 volumes in Farsi.
ISBN of vol 1: 978-9647-8518-31
ISBN of vol2: 978-9647-851-84-8
ISBN of vol 3: 978-9647-851855

Became the Chief Editor at Rashinpress.

Translator of the book “Hire and keep the Best People by Brian Tracy”.
ISBN of the translated book: 978-964-7851-98-5

Editor of the book 501 GREAT QUOTES by David Riklan.
ISBN of the translated book: 978-964-7851-86-2

Interpreter of President Ahmadinejad at the International Farabi Award in

Translator of a book of quotes gathered by Brian Tracy;
ISBN of the Translated book: 978-964-7851-93-0

Editor of the book 50 SUCCESS CLASSICS by Tom Butler Bowden;
ISBN of the translated book: 978-600-5248-14-2

Co-Translator and Editor of the book 50 SELF-HELP CLASSICS by Tom Butler Bowden;
ISBN of the translated book: 978-600-5248-13-5

Began my job as a news translator; Translating the news from
American news papers

Became the Internal Manager in Rashinpress (finished in 2013 to start a new job)

Translating 600 economics related slides and 300 human resources related pages for Atieh Roshan Company; a Company for training and providing human resources Selling books at Tehran Interntional BookFair

Editor of the book 50 PSYCHOLOGY CLASSICS by Tom Bowden;
ISBN of the translated book: (not published yet)

Editor of the book “Time Power” by Brian Tracy;
ISBN of the traslated Book: 978-600-5248-05-0

Selling books at tehran international Book Fair
Selling books at a book fair at Tehran University

Editor of the book Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson;
ISBN of the Translated book: 978-600-5248-18-0

Finished my job as a news translator because of the low payment

Translator of the book “No Excuses!” by Brian Tracy
Selling Rashin Press Books at Tehran International Book Faire
Translator of the book “What Everybod is Saying” by Joe Navaro
Teaching English in a private class
Editor of the books “Letters ta Sam” and “Attention Shoppers”

Editor of the book “Freedom from fear”
Translator of the book “100 tips for hoteliers”
Translator of the book “what everybody is thinking”
Co translator of the book “You can read anyone”
Editor of the book “زندگي آرام” a Persian novel.
Editor of the book “Uncluttter your mind”
Translator of the book “دزدي كه خر شد” From Farsi to English for Golden Maple Publication in Canada
Teaching English in private classes (up to now)
Teaching English at IC4I institute in Iran

translating articles from Farsi to English for

translator of the book “management in ten words”

teacher Private English classes

Freelance English teacher and translator
Translator of the book “Rebuild Your Business Plan”
Interpreter of three General Managers of the British George Kent Company in their meetings with well-known Iranian companies